If you are looking for a Job, Gatsplat Paintball might be looking for you. If you are a great paintball player… we don’t care… If you have great paintball equipment… we don’t care. If you have years of paintball ref experience… we don’t care.

What we do care about is are you fun, outgoing personality that enjoys being around people and making sure they have fun! Can you work for 15 minutes at a time, and not break out in hives if you don’t text, tweet or facebook in that time? Can you show up before 9 if scheduled at 9… and not at 9:15 with an excuse? Are you Not afraid to work hard, or get a little dirty at times? Are honest and trustworthy and a self motivated worker? Then you might be for us!

We offer growth potential as we are expanding and opening new facilities in the DFW area, and Franchising across the US.  Additionally, employees can be eligible for a 401K with matching contributions.   But the main reason to work for GatSplat is the fun, party environment we provide to families enjoying our facilities.

Must be 16 and able to work weekends!

Stop by the closest location to fill out an application.

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Note: GatSplat facilities are mainly a weekend based employment opportunity. Friday evenings, and Saturdays and Sundays throughout the day. In summer months we are also open on Wednesdays, and many times we are open for Holidays and special events. We try to be flexible in our scheduling, but most all employees must be available to work at least weekends.

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GatSplat is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Various Federal, State and Local laws prohibit discrimination on account of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or veteran’s status. It is our policy to comply fully with these laws, as applicable, and information requested on this application will not be used for any purpose prohibited by law.

Note: If coming for an interview, it is very helpful for us to have a picture of you. Not that we much care what you look like (have you seen some of us!) it’s just we have very short memory spans, and it easier to put your info with a “face”. We’d hate to meet someone that seems like a perfect match for us, then a few days later get confused on which name went with which person!

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Also, if you have a resume you want to send as well as this application, send it to info@gatsplat.com, or upload it here

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